A self-served platform
designed for efficiency

Label data like a boss.

With our human and machine swarms.
"Machines will beat the best human.
Human plus machine will beat the best machine."
Garry Kasparov
Today, companies only use 0.5% of the data available
Companies struggle to generate more value from data because data labelling is super expensive
Our mission is to reduce the costs of data labelling and help companies to extract more value from data

1. Human stage

Humans do 100% of
data labelling

2. Training stage

The machine learns passively
from humans and starts supporting
data labelling

3. Scaling stage

Humans supervise
the machine


Machine learning

create training data
including images, videos,
text and audio

Social media

label user-generated content

Internet of things

label data from sensors

Market research

conduct quantitative
field studies


No project management fees and no minimum project size.

You pay workers directly through Swarms and we take a flat commission on every successful transaction.

API and web

Create and manage data labelling workflows with our restful API and web interface.

Powerful mobile UI

Swarms is mobile-only and redefines crowd-working.

We turn the smartphone with its numerous sensors into a swiss knife for crowd-working.